Click, Collect, Clean and Deliver

Order your items on-line now then contact us if you have any questions. We offer a full collection and pick-up service for your convenience, subject to terms and conditions so please contact us for further information and availability. On-line ordering only available in Aberdeen.


Item Price
Rug Small £27.50
Rug Medium £38.50
Rug Large £66.00
Sleeping Bag £16.00
Table Napkins £2.60
Tablecloth 4 x 4 £9.90
Tablecloth 4 x 6 £12.76
Tablecloth 6 x 6 £14.08
Tea Towel £2.50
Hand Towel £3.50
Bath Towel £4.50
Bath Mat £3.50
Bath Sheet £6.00

Sports and Workwear

Item Price
Rugby Strip £25.30
Football Strip £22.00
Thermal Boiler Suit £12.00
Boiler Suit/Lab Coat £11.00


Item Price
Horse Blanket £33.00
Horse Blanket reproof £38.50
Dog Blanket £25.00

Service Loads

Item Price
Service Wash from £16.50
Service Wash large £22.00
Ironing 60% item from Service Wash TBC